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Robert  Roethemeyer


Where are you from and how did you end up in Nashville? 


I grew up in Franklin, TN and by the time I was ready to leave  Nashville was the IT city to be in!

How long have you been behind the chair doing hair?


I started working in a salon in high school and have worked in the industry ever since!

What celebrity hair inspires you?


Goldie Hawn's beachy layers have always been a timeless favorite of mine

What is your favorite service to do in the salon?


Color has been a passion of mine from day one, particularly with reds, and blonding. I also have developed a love for cutting textured/curly hair and educating people on how to embrace their natural styles!

Hair Trends that are timeless: My timeless favorite hair trend will always be a voluminous and bodiful blowout!

Favorite Coffee/Drink Order: Blonde (fitting ha) roast cappuccino

Favorite Band/Musician: Becky Hill

Cat or Dog Person?


 Dog person because allergic to cats!

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