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Upgrade Your Haircare: Essential Products for Salon-Worthy Styles at Home!

Updated: Mar 5

We have all had the experience of getting your hair done at the salon and then being a little disappointed with the results of your at home hairdo. While your favorite stylist can’t always be there to help, we are going to give you all the steps you need to recreate the style you’re wanting, while maintaining healthy hair at home. Using the appropriate at home hair care is the only way to ensure your hair stays healthy and is prepared for the warmer weather and highlights to come!


While everyone has different hair history and textures, we always want to make sure we are using the correct products to address the appropriate hair type. For example, chemically altered hair needs more repair than most virgin hair. Luckily, most salon haircare is for color treated hair so that makes it easy when picking products from your local salon. When making your selection please ask for guidance as it can become overwhelming! To start your haircare routine, we have been loving our ORIBE Gold Lust Shampoo because it offers a balanced protein and moisture blend to be versatile enough for most hair types! It not only helps with previous damage but can combat future damage as well! The Gold Lust line is completely customizable with a variety of products to appeal to a range of different needs centered around repair.

Moisture is key for keeping all hair shiny and soft. A common misconception is to skip conditioning when you have fine/limp hair. These hair types also need this important step, just in a weightless form! We are obsessed with the ORIBE Magnificent Volume Conditioner and mask for these finer textures to help detangle and prevent future damage. Whether you are using a deep conditioner or a daily conditioner, this can make a huge difference in your haircare routine. For thirstier hair types, we gravitate towards ORIBE Brillance and Shine or ORIBE Moisture and Control. These both give instant shine and manageability to even the most unruly textures. Proper cleansing and conditioning will give you the perfect canvas for beginning your salon-worthy style!

Now that you have conquered hair washing day, the styling products are going to be what help give you the lasting style and hold, like your salon blowout! We always recommend at least one heat protectant/styling crème and some type of volumizer. Who doesn’t love a little volume at the root? Our favorite leave in spray helps to detangle, condition, and protect against heat and UVA/UVB rays is the INCOMMON Magic Myst. This can be applied on wet hair after washing or can be sprayed in dry hair to refresh natural curl patterns.  Using it in dry hair while at the beach or for a jog will act as sunscreen and a conditioning treatment for your hair! Our go-to styling crème is Oribe Super Shine Light Moisture cream. It provides weightless smoothing and shine and is versatile enough to be used on most hair textures. A small amount worked through the midshaft and ends provides protection and will help make that blowout much easier to achieve. To finish out our products before you begin blow drying, a spray or mousse volumizer (along with a few layers) will give you that voluminous 90’s supermodel look! ORIBE’s Magnificent Volume line offers a wide variety of tools depending on your hair type and desired result. For a lighter hold, we suggest ORIBE Maximista, which is a wet spray mist. This can be sprayed root to ends for buildable body and fullness with a light finish. On the other end of the spectrum Oribe Grandiose is a high hold mousse for a volume hold that will last. This is primarily used through the roots and midshaft for amazing moldable yet soft textured finish when dry.

To preserve the styling of your blow-dry for days to come, we will finish off our blowout with a finishing spray. These come in all shapes and sizes so don’t skip this step just because you fear your grandmother’s hairspray! Goldwell Magic Finish is an excellent tool to repel humidity and seal in your style with a soft touchable finish. Great for first time hairspray users. For those who don’t shy away from something a little stronger we recommend ORIBE Superfine and Superfine Strong, depending on your desired finish. Our most popular hairspray at HUE is the Oribe Dry Texture spray for added texture and buildable volume throughout the day. We find this a great tool to add grit back into the hair, so it doesn’t fall flat through the day! ORIBE also offers the Après Beach Wave Spray that is similar, but has an added dry oil for more shine. You’ll have to try them out and let us know your favorite!

The key to gorgeous hair is in your everyday care, so be sure to not skimp on your home hair products! With these recommendations we hope you not only have an easier time with your daily styling, but also provide your hair with what it needs to allow us to do our job better! The healthier your hair the more incredible we can make it look. Feel free to ask your stylist for their recommendations on products to more specifically prescribe for your individual hair needs. Now go find your fav TikTok or Instagram tutorial and get to practicing those blowout techniques till you find the one that works best for you!

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